Hanabi is a wonderful place for your child’s special day.
• she/he will be in charge, and will decide which exercises we will do, what games we are to play and will lead us with counting in Japanese.
• Your child’s guests will love running, rolling and jumping on our soft mats.
• You and the other adults will love relaxing and interacting while the Hanabi staff entertains the children.
• We will do the clean up! You bring the food and decorations – feel free to drop things off early to be kept in our refrigerator or freezer – entertain the guests and then leave. We will take care of the rest. Cleaning up after 25 wired children won’t be your concern.
Our basic program is:

Set up – 30 minutes prior to formal party start time Arrival – Welcome guests. Children play with Hanabi staff while adults gather around our big, communal table.

Judo Class – Once guests have arrived the formal lesson begins. Children, and willing adults, can all take part. Our judo class includes: Japanese language, running, rolling and jumping activities, learning how to fall safely, and games Eating and Cake – Everyone gathers to sing Happy Birthday, blow out the candles and eat.

Organized Play – After eating Hanabi staff entertain the children with organized games while the adults enjoy each other’s company.

Departure – As guests leave Hanabi staff hand out our special gift bags that include “Participant” award ribbons for each child. The birthday parties generally run two hours with an additional thirty minutes for set up.

Prices are based only on the number of children who will be attending.
Up to 10 children: $200
11- 15 children:$250
16- 19 children:$300
20- 25 children: $325
Please give us a call if you would like to get more information. We do hope you will consider having you child with us for a Happy Hanabi Birthday!
Dan Augustine Head Sensei