Judo in the Community Sharing our love for judo.

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley

  • Address: 1009 Heinz Avenue, Berkeley

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley Judo

For well over two years Hanabi has offered its very popular judo lessons to the students of Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley – the French School of Berkeley.  So far about 100 students have taken part.  The students learn basic judo skills as well as Japanese language and games. The students also learn the respectful behavior expected of a true judo student. The students at EB do wonderfully! Many of them have went on to join our regular Hanabi judo classes and some of these have become California State Champions. A few have even come back to our EB after school classes – when they are second or third graders – to help teach the newer students.

Berkeley High School Judo Team

  • Address: 1980 Allston Way, Berkeley

Berkeley High School Judo Team

BHS Judo introduces the art of Judo to Berkeley High. Judo, an Olympic sport, develops agility and strength, through the use of techniques very effective for self-defense. Success is expected.

Bay Area Kinderstube

  • Address: 842 Key Route Blvd, Albany, CA

Bay Area Kinderstube Judo

Hanabi has offered judo instruction for the pre-school students at the bilingual German Bay Area Kinderstube since 2010. (One of our first instructors here was the national champion, and US world team representative, Kenny Hashimoto.) These younger students really enjoy the active learning – the jumping, rolling and running – featured in our judo lessons and our games. Even though though they already speak English and German, these little ones – three, four and five years of age – also enjoy learning Japanese.